Following a strict chemical safety program is one of the most important steps to ensure the proper handling and storage of cleaning chemicals. Here’s a few things your chemical safety program should include:

  • A complete list of all cleaning chemicals used in the facility.
  • Documentation on the potential hazards associated with each chemical, as well as a Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for each cleaning product.
  • Clearly-labeled cleaning products.
  • Properly trained employees with access to training resources as needed.
  • Safety signage conveniently placed around your facility.

Understanding the danger they can cause

Following “signal words” typically appear on containers:

Caution: the product should be used carefully but is relatively safe.

Warning: the product is moderately toxic.

Danger: the product is highly toxic and may cause permanent damage to skin and eyes.

Store in a cool, dry and clean area

Most (if not all) cleaning chemicals come with the label ‘store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.’ You’ve seen this label before but probably ignored it as just another random directive. Domestic cleaning stockport you see cleaning products are made by mixing different chemicals. Manufacturers know all too well the dangers of exposing these chemicals to extreme conditions. They also know most consumers don’t follow the directions and as such, design the cleaning formulas in a way that there is some lee-way. But this doesn’t mean that you can disregard the directive. You are safer when you store the cleaning chemical in a cool and dry space to avoid accidents and sudden dangerous reactions.

Original containers

You should store the cleaning chemicals in containers they come in. And in case you are in the business of mixing cleaning chemicals for domestic use, ensure you get new and clean bottles and containers. You should also label them to prevent confusion. It’s important to note that different chemicals react differently. As such, unless you are a chemist and understand the possible reactions, you should always follow the manufacturers’ instructions to a T.

Safe storage

Children are curious beings. And at times their curiosity gets in the way of their safety. Everything they come across is a new opportunity to learn something new. And while this is a good thing, it should be in a controlled environment. You don’t want your child playing with items that could harm him. And because of this, it is essential to store your cleaning supplies in spots that are out of reach of your children and your pets. In this case, you can consider locked storage or higher storage.

Cleaning caddies

If the cleaning chemicals come in large containers that are cumbersome to carry around the house whenever you need to clean, consider storying the cleaning products in caddies instead. Domestic cleaning altrincham Luckily, cleaning caddies designed for cleaning are available. The idea of using caddies is to create smaller and manageable cleaning kits for different rooms in your home. The cleaning caddies can store any cleaning chemical and be stored in any room you please provided you follow the rules for storing chemicals.

With the cleaning caddies, the only thing you need to carry into any room as you clean is the floor care tools and products.

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